How Chat Lines Work

Chat lines are simple, easy and uncomplicated. All you will ever need is your phone and your choice of chat line number or sex line number.

Here’s a typical flow of the process;

Dial your choice of chat line number

Take your time to check out the different chat lines for you to determine which one suit you best. Once you’ve made your choice, dial the chat line number.

A voice prompt will welcome you and provide you with further instructions for language and gender selection.

Calling the chat lines is easy because there is no need to set up an impressive profile. All you will need is your phone and your choice of chat line number.

Record a catchy introductory message

The voice prompt will give you the cue to mention your chat line name followed by the recording of your introductory message. Your recording represents your presence within the chat lines and works as your personal profile.

You can briefly mention your reason for calling the chat lines, what you’re looking for and a little bit about yourself. It is important to create a message that clearly defines your purpose like if you’re looking for romance, casual chats or phone sex.

Find a caller to chat with

As soon as your recording gets into the system, you can start browsing through the greetings of other callers.

You have the option to listen to every greeting, skip some of them and proceed with the next until you find one that captures your attention.

Listening to other callers’ greetings will allow you to find a suitable or compatible caller to chat with whose purpose for calling is aligned with yours.

Chat lines offer easy and basic steps for callers to start talking with fellow singles right away

Send out chat invitation or accept chat requests

As soon as you hear a greeting that captures your interest, you can instantly send out a private chat invitation to that caller.

You may send multiple chat invites to speed up and increase your chances of getting instant connection with a fellow caller.

At this point, you may also start to receive your own chat requests from others. Thus, you have an option to either accept a chat request or to wait for your chat invitation to get accepted.

Start chatting in private

Once your chat invitation has been accepted or you have chosen to accept a chat request, you can start talking in private with your chat partner.

You can engage in any form of interaction as long as you both agree to it. A good icebreaker can help you get comfortable with each other so you can level up your conversation.

After the call, you may add this caller to your favorites should you wish to maintain your connection in the chat lines.